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An offbeat brand that respects the environment

I am Émilie and I created Princess Garage in 2012.

I discovered artisanal screen printing when I was working for a comic book publishing house. Suffice to say that I fell in love at first sight  !

I have always drawn and there I could finally master the graphic chain from A to Z, do everything myself.

My drawings are part of minimalism, I like simple lines, flats and especially black and white.

I work on themes that are dear to me such as feminism, music, old school tattooing  but always in an offbeat spirit, yes I like to laugh and see you smile with my puns.

I only use very resistant water-based inks allowing a safer cleaning than solvent inks and organic cotton textiles certified OEKO TEX.

princesse garage portrait.jpg
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I also offer personalization and / or initiation workshops for associations, individuals and companies.

Are you a merchant and want to offer my creations in your store?

You have a question ?

Let's talk together...

Thank you for what you sent !

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